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The Vancouver Masonic Service Bureau was formed April 15th, 1897 operating under the name the Vancouver Masonic Board of Relief. The Charter Members were Brethren from:

  •      Mount Hermon Lodge No. 7

  •      Cascade Lodge No. 12

  •      Royal Arch Masons, Vancouver Chapter No. 2

  •      Acacia Lodge No. 22 (1898)

The first meeting of the Board of Relief was held in the office of Brother Stanley Henderson.  Present at that meeting were Brothers Downie and McNaughton of Vancouver Chapter No. 2, Brothers Thomas and Lees of Mount Hermon Lodge No. 7, and Brothers Miller and Henderson of Cascade Lodge No. 12.

These Lodges constituted the Board until March 1908 when the name of the organization was changed to its' present Vancouver Masonic Service Bureau (Bureau).

In 1910 the Bureau affiliated with the Masonic Relief Association of the United States and Canada with headquarters in the United States and continues to be an active member to this date.

Effective January 01, 1967 the Bureau was registered under number 0136515-09-27 with The Department of National Revenue, Taxation Division, Ottawa.

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